Special Interest Groups:

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are formed by ARATA members to explore their common interests in some aspect of assistive and rehabilitation technology.


SIGs aim to contribute to the field of Assistive Technology and the development of ARATA by facilitating involvement by members so becoming important sources of information-sharing in their areas of interest in Australia.


SIGs provide opportunities for active contributions by members to information-sharing among people in significant areas of interest in Assistive Technology in Australia.


  • To develop a Vision, Mission and Goals for SIGs in general, and for each individual SIG, and invite comments and contributions from all ARATA members.
  • To meet quarterly by teleconference to review member feedback and to monitor and facilitate progress on goals.
  • To inform ARATA members of progress on goals, and disseminate news relevant to their various fields of interest.
  • To assist with planning for the 2001 Conference.

SIG Operational Guidelines:

More information about the role, responsibilities and management of SIGs and Regional Chapters (RCs) is available in the Guidelines.

Current Status:

ARATA members decided on some changes to the SIG structure at the 4th Australian Conference on Technology for People with Disabilities, September 1999. What was called Computer Users is now Computer Users and Environmental Control Systems (CUECS) and a new SIG called Manufacturers unt Suppliers of Communication/ Computer Assistive Technology (MuSCAT) has been formed.

  • AAC - Augmentative and Alternative Communication
  • MuSCAT - Manufacturers unt Suppliers of Communication/Computer Assistive Technology
  • CU/ECS - Computer Users and Environmental Control Systems
  • SD/GP - Service Delivery and Government Policy
  • WM&S - Wheeled Mobility and Seating
  • HPT - Human Perspectives of Technology


Special Interest Groups is a Standing Committee of ARATA consisting of the chairs of each SIG. A Board member chairs the committee, to ensure and facilitate communication between the Board and the Committee.

SIG Committee Chair: Rob Garrett.